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A about MenVintage

Menvintage features a collection of physique magazines created in the golden era of male erotica, a period about 1950-1990.

The founder of physique magazines was Bob Mizer (1922-1992), who established the Athletic Model Guild in Los Angeles, USA in 1945 as a modeling agency for male bodybuilders. He took photos of muscled models and sold them b mail, advertising in men’s magazines and by 1951 he started to sell them in magazine format under Physique Pictorial brand.

The success of Physique Pictorial motivated other photographers and publishers to produce magazines with hot bodybuilders naked and it is how other physique brands appeared like Grecian Guild Pictorial, Adonis, Young Adonis, Body Beautiful, and Tomorrow’s Man.

Some publishers can be found on menvintage page here

MenVintage members’ collection represents a scanned pages of whole lot of vintage male erotic magazines obtained by a private collector. It took many years to gather them all and much effort to scan and prepare this online archive.

Your membership contribution is much appreciated as a reward for this work!

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