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Publishers of material dealing with sexual activity between males have suffered greatly in the past because of society’s anxiety over the existence and propagation of this type of photographic depiction. The question is: why should material depicting such activity be any less valid or acceptable than similar material depicting such activity between men and women? Reason says clearly that all sexual activity is human and the fact that there may be fewer persons who participate in all-male activities than in male-female sexual activities does not serve to condemn the depiction and /or discussion of all-male sexual activity.

Reason also says that sex is part of God’s creation-human beings have this urge because it is given by God Himself. Therefore, sex cannot be “bad” or “evil” in itself. Therefore, it might be assumed by intelligent people that sexual desire and the arousal of sexual desire would be considered good. But such, unfortunately, is not the case. We are creatures of irrationality as well. The very fact that we have sexual feelings and thoughts is an acute source of embarrassment to many people.

The photographs in this book cause no one to degrade himself. Sexual desire is part of every person’s humanity and should not be regulated by any censor or person looking for “prurience”. The photographs in this book merely express genuine human experience in terms of imagination. Is human imagination to be outlawed by the state or by an individual? Of course not, even though many continue to try.

This book will only be bought by persons who want to buy it. No one will be forced to buy this book or to view the photographs therein.

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