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ALL ABOUT BALLS is a magazine devoted entirely to that object of fantasy so many of our readers have been imploring to see more of. You say that you want to see all kinds — the bulging, the bloated, the wrinkled, the dangling, hairy or hairless, hot and oblong, fat and pudgy BALLS.

Testicles have fascinated men since the beginning of recorded history—and this is quite understandable. These most vulnerable organs of the male physique have inspired a certain sensitivity found in all forms of social expression. Throughout the ages the beauty of bolls has been poeticized in literature, lyricized in folk music and sculpted and reproduced in art.

That the creative spirit composes its own special ode to balls should not be surprising. After all, procreation itself is at the root of one of the testicles’ primary functions.

Although procreation might be one of the primary functions, it’s not the major one. We all know that the principal, all important function of those low-hanging sperm eggs is recreation.

The ATHLETIC MODEL GUILD, a veritable bastion among the studios that photograph male erotica, has been preserving the beauty of contemporary balls on celluloid for over the last thirty years. You’ll find AMG’s intense testicle photos in this issue of ALL ABOUT BALLS.

You’ve been begging for it, so here it Is. To show you the kind of testicle recreation that some guys go after to get their own rocks off. a few of the kinkier letters we’ve received are also included in this action-packed collection of throbbing pictures ALL ABOUT BALLS.

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