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The human figure as an art form has been with us since the beginning of recorded history, and no doubt will stay with us into eternity. No other subject can provide such a technical challenge for the artist nor evoke so full a range of feeling and meaning when viewed by the layman.

Unfortunately, photographic documentation of the human figure is not balanced. A wealth of material depicting the female figure is available from countless sources; but the male figure is unjustly neglected and avoided. To help fill this gap, we offer this publication devoted to the male figure, both covered and nude.

It is our conviction that the human body is clean and wholesome and should be viewed with esteem and serenity when seen in its totality. Man’s body — in all its infinite variations — was created in God’s image, and He created all things good. So long as there are lovers of beauty, there will be reproductions of the human figure, whether it be in stone, in paint, in ink, or on film.

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