gay erotica of 1968

HUSKY is a photographic volume dedicated to the proposition thaf the male nude is an object worthy of respect because it is of God and it made by God. The artist, with his love for the form of man, and his desire to capture it in his own style in the various mediums of photography, painting, sculpture and design, is often unable to find or afford suitable live models. It is primarily for this purpose that HUSKY presents the most attractive male nude studies in order to further enrich the artist, and therefore the level of cultural aspiration and attainment. It is not and never will be HUSKYS’ intention to present materials winch are erotic or intended to distort the artistic depiction of the male nude for sexual exploition. Granted, definitions of “erotic” and “obscene” vary in direct proportion to he who dares to presume such a definition be applied universally and unequivocally. HUSKY will publish only those photographic studies which declare the mole form a thing of divine beauty. Too often, nudity is a source of embarrassment or prurient interest, rather than what it is: the way we were sent into this world. HUSKY believe that that which is natural and made by God is worthy of depiction in the arts and in photojournalism. This is our fundamental assumption and HUSKY is dedicated entirely to it.

husky of 1968

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