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It’s a GREAT BIG CHAMPION wonderful world now that the veil of man-made shame is starting to be lifted from the bare body. The crack in the wall of censorship has given way and riding high on the crest of the tide of freedom is NUDITY.

It’s UP-UP-UP AND AWAY for those who wish to live in complete freedom — that’s freedom of spirit and body which is synonymous … it would take a free spirit to desire a free body. Who ever heard of a dull spirit naked in the sun?

The Great Society has given way to the REAL SOCIETY. The great society was a monster created by the establishment to convince the people that the best things in life were indoor bar-b-ques and sunlamps for the huddled masses. When in reality all they need is the fore mentioned freedom of spirit and body. Man, can you imagine all the people in a relief line in the nude? Why, it just wouldn’t happen . . . folks naked don’t just stand around waiting for handouts, they either do something or each other. The real way to get man and his society moving is to take his clothes off.

It doesn’t take a big brain to figure out that the advances of today are carried solely by the creative people and you show me a man lying nude in the sun and you’ve shown me a cat full of creativity.

The REAL SOCIETY is breaking forth in all directions . . . music . . . political freedom . . . clothes .. . hair styles . . . sexual freedom . . . this all being done with the young who are wearing young healthy bodies that are ready for the big social advance . . . complete freedom of NUDITY!

It’s on the way! Topless . . . bottomless . . . nude no less . . . It’s a great BIG CHAMPION wonderful world!

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